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Choosing the Right Agent for the Job!

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Selling your home can be a daunting task, not knowing where to  start, getting tangled in the web of paperwork, and trusting the  agent you hire is working for you and not their pocketbook.  

The realtor you choose to help you sell your home can make or  break the deal. Your agent can be the difference of: 

• Tens of thousands of dollars in your selling price (sometimes  more) 

• Selling quickly vs. having your home sit on the market • A stressful home selling experience vs. a smooth transaction 

But the problem is you are forced to rely on the seller’s reputation as an agent, how many properties they have sold, and their online  reviews as the only way to get an idea of who you are putting your  trust in. 

While these are essential factors in your decision-making process, they can be deceiving because experience and reviews  do not mean a real estate agent will have your best interests at  heart when selling your home. 

I will show you the best way to select a realtor to sell your home. Follow these steps below.

1. Meet with minimally three realtors 

Studies show that most people selling there home chose their  agent without speaking to others first. 

This makes sense because who wants to spend time bothering  friends and family or repeatedly searching through countless  agents and going through the vetting process. But unless you  have industry expertise and know exactly what to look for, you’ll want to invest the time finding a realtor. 

Only speaking to one real estate agent will increase the  probability of you picking the wrong listing agent. You’ll boost your  chances of choosing the right realtor by finding enough quality  candidates. 

Ideally, it would help if you met with several agents you can add  to your initial list; this gives you a better idea of who you want to  work alongside.  

2. Research the agents online 

Once you have your list of at least three realtors, the next step is  to do a little research. The goal is to save time by weeding out the  agents who don’t meet the minimum criteria. 

What should the minimum criteria be? Experience and reviews. 

You don’t want to end up with a rookie who has minimal  experience selling your most valuable asset, especially in an 

aggressive market when you will be competing with other listed  properties and other home buyers. 

3. Interview qualified candidates 

Approach choosing a realtor similarly to preparing for a job  interview because that’s what it is. 

Interviewing potential candidates allows you to gather critical information before deciding who you want to hire to sell your  house. 

Many sellers miss this because they don’t necessarily know what  questions to ask. This is one of the things that causes them to  pick the wrong listing agent. 

Here are a few suggestions… 

How did you arrive at your suggested listing price? 

You’ll get opinions about what your home should be listed for when meeting with real estate agents. However, you don’t just  want a number. You want to hear about how they came to that  number. 

If an agent can’t explain “how,” there’s a good chance that they  won’t be able to defend their recommended price (or higher) when  speaking to the buyer’s agent during negotiations. 

How many homes have you sold like mine and near my  location?

You want to get a rough estimate of how many sales that agent  has similar to yours and in your area. What I mean by this is  property type, value range, and proximity. This will give you the  confidence knowing they understand the actual value of your  property and be able to back it up with accurate market data.  

How often have you represented the seller and buyer in the  same transaction? 

There are tactics used by many listing agents who prioritize this  so that they can get two commissions instead of one, which can  result in a much lower sales price for you. 

Will you lower your commission? 

You’re putting the agent to the test with this. The person you’ll hire will be negotiating tens of thousands of dollars for you. If they  can’t negotiate their value, what makes you think they will negotiate yours? You want to listen closely to their immediate  reaction and take note of how they respond. 

Do you have references I can contact? 

An excellent real estate agent will always have past clients who  are willing to vouch for them. Request the names, emails, and  phone numbers of three previous clients who have sold a home  with that agent. 

What’s your marketing plan?

Not all real estate agents provide the same services, so you want  to know how each agent plans on marketing your home to  buyers. 

Choosing the right real estate agent to sell your house matters,  and your decision will significantly impact the results you get and  how much money you walk away with. 

So don’t devalue the importance of doing your homework. It could  be the difference between your profit margins. 

Let’s connect and discuss your next real estate venture; I would be happy to answer all of your questions and get you the most  significant return on your most precious investment. 

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